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Brand: DOOSAN     Type: Excavators     Model: DX140LC

Part details:


Track shoe

Weight: 14.4 Kg

Details:Mud HolesS5Extremity TypeStreet HolesA108B108C60,4C1C2ºøD16,25E30,2F22G109,5H57Iº10°M52M126M226M3M4M5M6M7øTT1T4U199X25Z9,5


Track shoe - DOOSAN - Excavators - DX140LC

  • Compatible with the following equipment:


    1080 1080B 9010 9010B
    9013 CX130 DAC 71302 UP CX130 DAC71309 TO DAC71301 CX130B
    CX130B LC CX135SR    


    205B 5ZF -1-UP 213BHD 1EJ -1-UP 215CLC 4HG-1-UP 312BL
    312D LCR 5PB-1-UP 312D LCR BYJ-1-UP 312D LCR SSZ-1-UP 312D LCR TXM-1-UP
    312D LCR XHR-1-UP 312D2L 312DL JBC-1-UP 312DL KES-1-UP
    312DL LSW-1-UP 312DL RKF-1-UP 312DL SKA-1-UP 312DL TGY-1-UP
    312DL XGK-1-UP 314E LCR DKD-1-UP 314E LCR YCW-1-UP 314E LCR ZJT-1-UP


    DH120 DH130 DH170 SOLAR 130-3
    SOLAR 130-5 SOLAR 130LC-V SOLAR 140-LC-V SOLAR 140-V
    SOLAR 170-3 SOLAR 170LC-V SOLAR 175LC-V  


    DX140LC DX140LC-3 DX140LCR DX140LCR-3
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